We Were Extremely Satisfied With The Auction Process

I want to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to you and your company on your handling and auction of my parents’ estate. My parents collected and gathered many things during their lives; some things were ordinary, other things were very valuable. Your knowledge and expertise made possible a proper evaluation of their possessions and ultimately a very fair monetary return to the family. My parents collected for over 65 years and had a collage of things stuffed in their house. I know you spent many hours day and night cataloging, photographing and searching their home to find and properly gather their things to advertise and sell the items for a fair market value.

We also decided to sell the real estate through your auction process. We were attracted by the elimination of warranties and guaranties necessary in typical real estate transactions. We also liked the time limitations associated with the auction process because we wanted to bring closure to our parents passing. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. Your thorough and exhaustive advertisement campaign made sure many interested bidders were at the auction. Ultimately the home sold from more than 20% more than the recently appraised value. We were extremely satisfied with the auction process.

Thank you so much for your efforts, concern and respectful sale of my parent’s belongings and home. You have earned my respect for your company and your abilities.

With Sincere Appreciation,
~Greg Johnson~